Saint Patrick Cathedral

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is an incon in the New York City skyline. Situated in famous Manhattan between the 5th avenue and the 50th street, the Cathedral St patrick is the biggest neogothic cathedral in North America. With 123 meters long, 84 meters wide and 101 meters high, it can welcome to 2400 people and receive 5.5 millions visitors every year.

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Built under the initiative of Archbishop John Huges and designed by the architect James Renwick (who also designed the Smithsonian Institution Building in Washington, DC), its first stone was set down in 1858. Its financing makes it especially peculiar, as it was funded by many immigrants but also by many eminent New-Yorkers. The building lasts 21 years (it will stop during the Civil War) and on May 25th, 1879, the Cathedral opens its doors. However, its construction is never fully completed. In 1888, its spires are finished. The building of the Lady Chapel starts in 1900 and ends in 1908. Many renovation works are done over time. For example, a great renovation is implemented between 1927 and 1931 to install the great organs and to widen the Choir.

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Surprisingly, it’s only in 2008, during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI, that a pope celebrates Mass for the first time at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

8 New-York archbishops (including 6 cardinals) are buried in the Cathedral’s crypt, and also Pierre Toussaint, who was transferred there after his canonization.

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