• Currency

The currency in the United-States is the American dollar $.

To know the exchange rate between your currency and the American dollar, you can use the website below:


  • Taxes

In New-York City, the prices are always indicated without taxes. Therefor, don’t forget that every time you buy something, you will have to add around 8% taxes on the price.


  • Tips

In the United-States, tips are not included in the price. It is considered very rude not to leave a tip at a restaurant, bar, cabs, and so on. People usually leave a 20-25% tip.



  • Things to do around Fordham University – Lincoln Center

Central Park
Lincoln Center
Rockefeller Center
MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)

  • Things to do in New-York City


Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building
Times Square
Central Park

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