Letter from Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi

Dear Secretary General,


            The Congregation for Catholic Education is pleased to know that the International Office of Catholic Education is organizing the World Congress “Educatio Si” concerning “the education to a fraternal humanism to build a civilization of love”, which will take place in New York in June 2019.


            It deals with “the objectives of sustainable development: Catholic schools associated with the transformation of the world and the safeguarding of the common house”. This important event has as its main objective to assemble a variety of participants in order to emphasize the richness of Catholic education ad to propose solutions to contemporary difficulties that could be sought through innovative methodologies.


The meeting will be hosted by the School of Education at Fordham University. A special closing ceremony will be held where the engagement and mission of Catholic schools worldwide will be presented.


Through this World Congress the OIEC confirms its collaboration with the Congregation for Catholic Education and other bodies of the Holy See, participating in the Church’s mission and promoting Catholic-based educational projects throughout the world. It encourages the creation, in schools and educational institutions, of ‘educational communities’ in which all partners work jointly and responsibly for cultural progress, as well as for an integral development according to the Gospel.


This Dicastery expresses appreciation for the organization of such a gathering and takes this opportunity to thank all those who – according to their possibilities- want to sponsor and contribute to the success of this initiative.


Grateful for the service given to Catholic Education, we express our sentiments of highest esteem.


Yours Sincerely,


Giuseppe Cardinal Versaldi

Vincenze Zani