Welcome from Cardinal Dolan - Archbishop of New York

Brothers and Sisters,

His Holiness Pope Francis delivered his encyclical - Laudato Si - On Care for our Common Home, to Catholics across the world, calling on us to take “global unified action” to truly care for every human being as Jesus taught us. It is the words of the Holy Father that gather us together now - from every corner of the globe, united as one - to take action for children and learners of all ages served by the ministry of Catholic Education. On this momentous occasion, it is my honor and my privilege to welcome you to New York City as we embark upon the 2019 World Congress of Catholic Education.

Led by the International Office of Catholic Education, we join our minds, hearts, and souls to celebrate the gift of education that the Church continues to give to others. We are called by our faith to care for the most afflicted among us. That care takes many forms in different parts of the world, serving the needs of different populations struggling with unique challenges. There may be no greater universal need, however, than to educate the faithful so they may grow, develop, and flourish to fulfill the promises of Christ. What a blessing it is to be charged with such a transformative responsability!

As more than 1,000 people unite as one to represent 46 millions students from nearly 210,000 schools in over 100 countries, especially those underserved yearning for the gift of Catholic Education, I offer my praise to the Lord and thanks to you for your leadership in this global action.

With prayerful best wishes, I remain,

Faithfully in Christ,

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York

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